I was hanging a show of some of my work at the Anthropologie downtown the other night. After the store closed, I overheard the staff meeting at which the manager told them that it was the best December that that particular store had ever had. I think that this must be a good sign for the economy! Here are some of my picks from their site:

They have a bunch of different versions - could easily be done with cool remnant fabric for the DIY'rs out there - I guess I could say that that I am already day dreaming about summer dinner parties outside... - these would be sooo great - Hunt - This would be your backyard!

Okay - if I wasn't so enamored of the industrial edge of things I might be getting tired of these - but as it stands - nope - still love them!

Love these stools - - Jones - I am talking to you - I know you wanted backs but look how they would just hug your booty! and there is a foot rest....

Kaldestad - This one is all you! One of the jewels.... we were speaking of ?

And hellooo... - Jones this should be at Whidbey - When guests bring out a favorite dish it goes in the book!