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Deirdre Murphy - Selected Works

Deirdre Murphy "Flutter" 15 x 16" Oil on Board

Join us for the opening of Deirdre Murphy - Selected Works Thursday June 19th, 5-8pm.

Murphy's  work has been shown nationally and internationally, with numerous exhibitions in Philadelphia, New York and Oregon and at institutions including the Philadelphia International Airport, New Bedford Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. Her work has been published in New American Paintings and can be found in many public and private collections including Temple University, Alphamed Press and Gamblin Artists Colors.

A Statement from the Artist - 

"My work investigates constellations of movement. I am especially interested in the patterns, murmurs and energy concentrated in the collective intelligence of bird flocks. I am fascinated by the rules that guide the collective swarm to pulse, shift and change. A single bird turns and causes its neighbor to move, thus setting off a simultaneous change reaction that transforms hundreds of birds inside the flock to undulate. What creates this uncanny, beautiful coordination of these birds? How does their collective consciousness cause the flock to paint such abstract shapes in the sky? I see a correlation of pattern in the stellar explosion of a supernova and the growth of irregular cellular formation. In my paintings, I try and decode such patterns, to find the push or pulse within, to discover the visual force of energy that makes unpredictable abstract shapes. It is the butterfly effect, of one individual causing great change among others that is the subject of my art."